Sucking on my gorgeous wife's big all natural boobies

My wife is a woman of great charm and beauty and the sight of her big breasts can give any man an instant erection, and I can't think of anything that's more enjoyable than sucking her huge natural tits. They are so sweet and yummy!

85% 5:10 3 years ago
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  • Armondo 7 months ago
  • Cr7 8 months ago
    I want to lick a sweet pink pussy
  • venu6689 8 months ago
    I am ready to suck nipples all day long..I love it
  • venu6689 8 months ago
    Hi sneha i want to suck you boobs till you say stop..
  • venu6689 8 months ago
    I want to suck boobs all day and want my cock to be sucked deep..contaCt me at venu6689 at gml
  • Sneha 8 months ago
    Gosh, I want my nipples sucked!!
  • Anonymous 9 months ago
    Fuck me
  • nomy 9 months ago
    fuck also
  • Sami 9 months ago
    Hey Anonymous, I'm not sure if you are here, are you?
  • Sami 9 months ago
    I can see that you are not the type of people I'm looking for. I mean are you even girls?
  • Arch 9 months ago
    Can some one suck me all day
  • Harddick 10 months ago
    Beautiful tits
  • Anonymous 10 months ago
    Mmm this is making my tight pussy drip❤
  • Secret 11 months ago
    Can I suck ur all the night plz
  • Secret 11 months ago
    misha can I have ur contact number plz
  • Secret 11 months ago
    Hina where u from can I have ur contact number plz
  • Anonymous 11 months ago
    Hey there, 12 October anonymous, I will suck your nipples all night... where are u at?
  • Anonymous 11 months ago
    I'm a lucky man right now,my wifes boobs are a natural 46DD and she just found out a month ago shes pregnant,a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do,she grew from a 44D in 2 years!
  • ram 1 year ago
    i like to suck boobs, any body needs me, i will come
  • ritesh 1 year ago
    I want to suck big boobs and pussy continously until u cum atleast 2 time
    Any girl who want to talk to me
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  • Anonymous 1 year ago
    call me to suck boobs and fuck my num is
  • Tbobe 1 year ago
    I'm a woman and I love how he socks on his wife's boobs. Think it was called "sucking on clare's big tits" somewhere else. Just love this makes me cum everything.
  • BigDickRick 1 year ago
    Love me some tig ole bitties!
  • Ram 1 year ago
    Vibha... where are you from
    9840764347.... text me... i love playing with boobs
  • Omy 1 year ago
    I like to play and suck her nipples
  • Anonymous 1 year ago
    I have big boobs anyone to suck them?
  • Zirco 1 year ago
    Need some nice boob milk
  • black 1 year ago
    i want to suck a breast who ready to give me
  • Vibha 1 year ago
    Somebody suck my boobs..they are big and soft
  • Anthony 1 year ago
    Come suck my dig
  • Anonymous 1 year ago
    Brest feeding
  • stiff 1 year ago
    Pls come fast to.suck my pusy n boobs cant wait. 3 mans pls one for one boob second for second boob n third to lick my pussy. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmhhhhhaaaaaa cant wait guys
  • falguni 1 year ago
    I want somebody to.suck my boobs continuously my pussy too egarly waiting
  • vino 1 year ago
    Type your comment here...I want same this
  • hina 1 year ago
    I want to get my boobs sucked
  • Anonymous 1 year ago
    Somebody gonna suck on my titties while I ride the fuck outta some dick
  • LLL 1 year ago
    Did this guy got enough milk, sucking her tits?
  • nik 1 year ago
    I'm gay but want to experience sucking breasts, love sucking nipples, where can I try to do this, those boobs are fab
  • venu6689 1 year ago
    would love to touch and feel those beauty wonders, desperate to suck them
  • null 1 year ago
    nice juicy
  • Ilya 1 year ago
    does she like it?
  • Swathi 1 year ago
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  • uu uhu 1 year ago
    hot breast ....wowwww....
  • Liliane 1 year ago
    That is so good. Who knew women had this much on them?
  • Anonymous 1 year ago
    Nice pair of knockers!
  • mohit 1 year ago
  • Shri 1 year ago
    Most beautiful breast ever seen.Would like to suck her milk
  • Shri 1 year ago
    Love to suck breasts.want to touch .
  • Tracy 1 year ago
    Wow - loved this! Tasteful and dirty at the same time. Made me cum twice.
  • Anonymous 1 year ago
    juicy boobs...mouth watering the way he does
  • babiejenna 1 year ago
    Mmmmm boys suck my titties xx
  • baloch 1 year ago
    nice one & juciy too
  • ali baloch 1 year ago
    nice vedio i like it
  • Freds 1 year ago
    Suk and fuck wht not
  • Anonymous 1 year ago
    Love them bid tits
  • Anon 1 year ago
    It doesn't work what can I do
  • straitshooter 1 year ago
    I love the way he takes his time with those gorgeous tits and nipples! Lucky guy.
  • susmitaxxx 1 year ago
  • Anonymous 1 year ago
    i love sucking big tits i want to suck
  • Anonymous 1 year ago
    Please suck my boobs
  • Anonymous 1 year ago
    My hubby suck my milky boobs whole night
  • null 1 year ago
    Juicy boobs, love to suck them
  • Anonymous 1 year ago
    suck and lick my big nipples very. i get horny..... ready to fuck me
  • rock star 1 year ago
    very juicy boobs and nipples. love to lick her boobs and suck her nipples
  • Anonymous 1 year ago
    When my boyfriend suck my boobs and i feel like its the end of the world...
  • lustyman 1 year ago
    I would like to eat those fleshy boobs and chew those pink nipples till she cries in pain and pleasure...
  • biff 1 year ago
    After all of that I would need to spray a load all over those!
  • TARUBABA 1 year ago
    no sound voice but big melons luv to eat
  • Anonymous 1 year ago
    date me
  • fdsdfs 1 year ago
    im there to suck
  • Anonymous 1 year ago
    I am a college student and I have three boyfriends who do that to me!!!
  • gaye 1 year ago
    fastest way to get me wet is sucking my tits
  • Anonymous 1 year ago
    Damn fresh tits
  • biff 1 year ago
    Great set of tits!
  • Anonymous 1 year ago
    Man... someone please suck my boobs for the whole night.. they need someone badly.. 34 is my size..
  • Gloverboy6 1 year ago
    Tit sucking is the best
  • Anonymous 1 year ago
    Beautiful Tits . Lactating women should breast feed those who want to suckle from their tits..
  • Anonymous 1 year ago
    i really love milky boobs
  • anu 1 year ago
    hy i m a women .im have a idea that i want a men and a women to do this.In a bleach, at the time of midnight ,the one man have to fuck , the second one have suck the one boob ,the third one have to suck the another boob and the fourth one have to kiss the girl.all of the men knows that satisfing the women/girl is very difficult.i m also a girl that satisfing me is veryyy veryyy difficult.if any one can satisfice me contact me
  • misha 1 year ago
    i have big boobs and wanna someone to suck it
  • Nj 1 year ago
    I want sex
  • Anonymous 1 year ago
    Suck my boobs ... Remove my bra
  • jesica jesi 1 year ago
    when my bf wake i use to keep ma boobs into his mouth he sucks slowly and penetrate my pussy i really love iy
  • Yola 1 year ago
    Andrea Salazar is a fucking hoe!!!
  • Debbie 1 year ago
    I would love to have someone suckle my tits
  • Anonymous 1 year ago
    Wery Inc boob sucking
  • Anonymous 1 year ago
    The husband seems pretty hot, I would like to see his body ;)
  • Crystal 2 years ago
    Suck my boobs I love when someone sucks mine my boobs r perfect to scuk I have also operated my boobs by doctors now milk also comes!!
  • Anonymous 2 years ago
    would love a session with those boobs
  • Anonymous 2 years ago
    i wanted a bit of tit fuck
  • mm 2 years ago
    wish there was sound to this too. mm
  • Amy 2 years ago
    Want sex chat
  • Anonymous 2 years ago
    I love when she squeezes her tit and milk squirts out!
  • Jenny@ 2 years ago
    Come suck me up ((;
  • Anonymous 2 years ago
    This is fuck not cool man
  • Anonymous 2 years ago
    I'll fuck u any day
  • oralservice 2 years ago
    great sharing!! thats why I love to give oralservice!!
  • Anonymous 2 years ago
    I would suck the shit out of those tits
  • lady 2 years ago
    I'm a woman and I love it when my man ducks on my boobs ..they are for him he is my so i just breastfeed him always ..
  • Anonymous 2 years ago
    I wouldn't be able to get enough of those gorgeous tits.
  • al 2 years ago
    Lucky guy, i'd be sucking those all week long.... she needs to be fucked as well....
  • Anonymous 2 years ago
    I'm looking for a girl
  • fffff 2 years ago
    i love bib boobs
  • Kk 2 years ago
    Me to love sucking like this and I'll suck my gfs boobs like this only when we meet
  • Anonymous 2 years ago
    i fuck hairy pussy.
  • Lmfao 2 years ago
    These comments are fucking classic.
  • Anonymous 2 years ago
  • Lol 2 years ago
    İ wanna suck your big tits and ass
  • John 2 years ago
    Anymore vids from these people?
  • Anonymous 2 years ago
    My boyfriend loves sucking me. I also enjoy it a lot. Everytime we meet, he needs it.
  • come 2 years ago
    Any girl or wife from pakistan who want to suck her boobs from me contact me on this no. 00
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    Amazing boobs. Lucky fellow. I would love to suck them with you. I would then love to stick my dick between those melons and cum.
  • AMA 2 years ago
    I need this type of girl friend..... wana suck and pleased boobs and woman.......
  • Rimjob Lover 2 years ago
    beautiful tits and nipples.
  • gurusamy 2 years ago
    Women's attractions are lips and their huge boobs . Touching nipples and sucking their boobs are starting stages before fucking them .I like it .
  • Anonymous 2 years ago
    i want suck boob....!!!!
  • Anonymous 2 years ago
    i like to b sucked hard.. anyone wanna suck it???????????
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    that's just an amusement
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    I am such a fan.
  • abb 2 years ago
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  • Smita's lover 2 years ago
    I want to suck Smita's boobs. dying to squeeze them hard
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  • anonymous 2 years ago
    i want my hubby to suck now itself
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  • sexy 2 years ago
    omg all of who send the comments will u fuck . Ianm ready to have sex with u all
  • Anonymous 2 years ago
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  • catherine 2 years ago
    my boobs is same like that.. i'm so horny.. come on .. suck my nipples..
  • rahul 2 years ago
    I want suck and lick big boobs. Plz help me. I cannot control myself. Call me on 00. I going to satisfy u girls.
  • I'm 38 DD 2 years ago
    I absolutely LOVE having MY BIG TITTIES sucked hard for hours so that they hurt for days. My fantasy is to have a busty woman suck my tits and I SUCK HER AWESOME TITS that look just like these in this video.
  • Anonymous 2 years ago
    i also want to suck her big juicy boobs so nice
  • Pandian 2 years ago
    Wow what a boobs.. I would play day n night
  • naina 2 years ago
    I want her tits in my mouth
  • naina 2 years ago
    Mmmmm udder lover. I want some milk too. I'll suck her good and she can suck my double DDs. I love big boobs.
  • Anonymous 2 years ago
    The way he sucks licks and swirls her nipples is so perfect.
  • Message to Women 2 years ago
    Us men, Got to Worship You lol
  • naughty 2 years ago
    would like to see him wanking a big stiff cock while sucking her tits
  • naughty 2 years ago
    love this video
  • krish 2 years ago
    smitha darling
  • unkown 2 years ago
    Hey can I suck some milk I want tits
  • smitha 2 years ago
    please do like that i have big boobs (.) (.)
  • najeeb 2 years ago
    i like's sexy
  • Susan 2 years ago
    Would love to have a man or a woman suck my DDs....
  • Annie 2 years ago
    My tits are D. I love having them sucked on. Would love to have a woman suck them too.
  • Annon 2 years ago
    Would love to suck a busty blonde, Faith Nelson or Kate Upton. Suckle pull and touch their beautiful tits! And Im a woman.
  • ashley 2 years ago
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  • Anonymous 2 years ago
  • Tito 2 years ago
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  • nikkinites 2 years ago
    He loves her titty's
  • nikkinites 2 years ago
    I love having my big titty's sucked on. Especially sucking up on them. And having them licked too. I would absolutely love both of my titty's sucked on at the same time for a long time. Oooooohh that would make my soft wett pussy's melt!!
  • Annon 2 years ago
    I need someone to do that to me right now. Suck, pull, fondle my tits all night.
  • carrie 2 years ago
    I want to suck and be licked ... girls?
  • Steve 2 years ago
    I will suck your Tits if you want me to
  • Anton 2 years ago
    How delicious. Where are the girls who like their breasts sucked available. Yum
  • Anonymous 2 years ago
    I want two men to suck my tits!
  • liza 2 years ago
    soo hootie
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    If only I had her as a wife, then I would suck her tits all day
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    i want someone to suck my boobs all night long this video is fantastic!
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    You are lucky man, I would like to suck her tits
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    I do Cheery! Love to suck on them.
  • biff 2 years ago
    What a beautiful set of tits. Love to cream all over them!
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    I love to suck your wife tits to hard and hard
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    Lissa if u Got milk see no objection in sucking
  • Anonymous 2 years ago
  • Anonymous 2 years ago
    Dude your a lucky man,I bet she is horney after all that,and ready for something else!
  • Rockhard 2 years ago
    Lissa, again we should talk perhaps.
  • Anonymous 2 years ago
    Whattt a titsssssssd
  • cheery 2 years ago
    i also want someone to suck my size boobs. anyone want to grab them?
  • Lissa 2 years ago
    this video make me horny all the time !
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    i love my tits bein suckeddd
  • Rrrrrrrr 2 years ago
    My husband did the same
  • The Grand-Master Baker 2 years ago
    Wow, that's large. Okay, I'm literally jerking off to this. Okay. Okay. it will make me cum. Okay. Okay.
  • jack 2 years ago
    i love her Titts I want to fuck her
  • Lissa 2 years ago
    wish i was her !!
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    Please, put those tits in my mouth!
  • mm 2 years ago
    really pull nipples and suck hard and hard
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    iloves tits suck
  • 17 years old 2 years ago
    i wanna do same
  • Anonymous 2 years ago
    wow fuck it
  • wilkiw 2 years ago
    I want to suck your tits and. Duck you ill eat your pussy and suck those tits all night and day
  • Gypsy 2 years ago
    Mmm I love my tits sucked
  • LiZ 2 years ago
    Her boobs are amaZing!
    I can suck them all Day
  • John 2 years ago
    Great video. My wife's tits also got really huge after. At the time we met a skinny old guy on holiday who couldn't take his eyes of them, which turned us both on. So we took him back to our apartment; my wife took her bra off and let him feast on her tits while I watched. He was really greedy, stuffing as much tit-flesh into his mouth as he could and sucking hard. My wife moaned and said how fantastic it felt (she knew I would love that.) Meanwhile I got my dick out and starting stroking it. After a while I told her I needed to fuck her. I came in from behind while the old guy moved to the sofa, got his dick out and starting stroking. His gaze was fixated on her tits, and he kept saying 'amazing huge tits.' She meanwhile was staring at his dick, which was bigger than mine. I told her to go on looking at his big fat dick. I was so excited that I came very quickly, and she came shortly thereafter. She then got the old guy to come over to the bed; she gave him a long and slow hand-job while he fondled her tits. We all had an amazing time. We later talked about having him round again for more fun, but it seemed a bit too scary to repeat it. However it's been a great source of fantasies for us ever since.
  • papu 2 years ago
    i like sucking black hugee boobs
  • Udderlover 2 years ago
    My wife just had our nd , her tits went from a large D cup too a massive, milk filled FF. I nurse from her x daily plus we have men she sells her milk to.
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    I bet I could fit on of those 's in my mouth,if anyone wants to have sex with me I have a / penis great for sucking
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    I want your wife's milk. Oh I really want it. I'll do anything you want for the chance of drinking her milk.
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    I want to suck her milky huge tits....I love them....
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    love is honey... its not video.. its there love.. thats all ...
  • Anonymous 2 years ago
    I would suck them dry then fuck her silly then fuck her again and again oh I love this girl....
  • Elswo 2 years ago
    Loved this videos. Her tits are gorgeous. I only wish there were sound
  • Anonymous 2 years ago
    Will u share...I'm a chic and I want some
  • Kristian 2 years ago
    I Love her BOOBS
  • mia 2 years ago
    liked it.
  • lila 2 years ago
    pull the nipples & suck it.
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